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第2回「SLOW MOTION VIDEO AWARD 2018」は、世界各国から多数の作品の応募がありました。Dr. Martin C. Richardson氏、Dr. Bao Li Yao氏、Seddik Benhammadi氏の3名による審査を経て、『アーティスティック優秀作品賞』、『サイエンス優秀作品賞』が選ばれました。

Artistic Video Award

Tit - A day at the window ...

Thomas Meier

撮影速度 : 4,000fps


Landing and taking off titmice.

Scientific Video Award

Rebound of a oil-lubricated water drop on a hydrophilic surface

Muhammad Saeed Saleem

撮影速度 : 20,000fps


A compound drop consisting of a water core and a silicone oil shell impacts on a hydrophilic glass substrate. Remarkably, the oil shell acts as a lubricating layer upon impact, promoting either full or partial rebound of the inner water drop from the glass substrate, even when this glass substrate is completely hydrophilic. Additionally, a cavity is formed in the center of the spreading water core. When the water core retracts, this cavity collapses and a sharp vertical oil jet is ejected at high speed.


Destroying Eggs

Jens Heidler

撮影速度 : 16,200fps


Destroying eggs with a slingshot.

Viscous Folding 1080

Phred Peterson

撮影速度 : 1,600fps


Folding of a glycerol droplet in a salt solution.

Thunder and lightning

Harald Kleine

撮影速度 : 10,000,000fps and 1,250,000fps


Thunder and Lightning- A sequence of high-speed schlieren visualizations of the spark and its associated shock wave, generated with a Ruhmkorff coil. Recording speeds are 10 million fps for the first clip and 1.25 million fps for the remaining ones.

Bubbles in earth conditions VS Bubbles in microgravity conditions

Patricia Vega Martinez

撮影速度 : 2,000fps


The diffusion-driven growth of a foam ball in supersaturated liquids. Under normal gravity conditions, a bubble cloud grows by diffusion, however this process is interrupted after a few milliseconds when the bubble cloud starts a buoyancy-included rising motion. On the other hand, under micro-gravity conditions bubbles grow by pure diffusion.


Judging Panel

Dr. Martin C. Richardson氏

University of Central Florida(米国)

Judging Panel

Dr. Bao Li Yao氏

Xi‘an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics(中国)

Judging Panel

Seddik Benhammadi氏

Science and Technology Facilities Council(英国)